Drunk Entrepreneurs is a web series and podcast where I (Nadya Khoja) invite company Founders, CEOs, VPs and Directors over for drinks. Then I get them sh*t faced and videotape them while asking them questions about their successes, struggles, failures and regrets.

Because why the f*ck not?! There are so many podcasts out there where the same entrepreneurs get invited to talk about the same f*cking sh*t and I’m over it! I want to see how great these people are when they’re so wrecked they barely remember their own names. And then broadcast it to the world.

I FEEL GREAT! I’m drunk right now!

How does it work?

The Pitch

Entrepreneurs come over to my house in Toronto upon invitation.

Round of Drinks

I then move on to providing them with shot after shot.


Then they get drunk.

The Interview

That's when I start filming our interview.

More Drinks

Then I give them more alcohol.


Then they can leave and go back to whatever the f*ck they were doing!

Well if I know someone, can I nominate them?

Duh. Obviously! You think it's easy finding entrepreneurs that are willing to come all the way to my house in Toronto, Canada? It's hard as f*ck.

Nominate an Entrepreneur